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Organic Diet Organic Khand, 500 Gram


Desi Khand (100% Authentic Organic) is the form of organic sugar that is traditionally made in India from organic sugarcane. Khand is sweet and moreover healthy and natural. Sugar when processed chemically is harmful to health and considered as poison. Khand is natural granulated sugar with honey like taste.
  • It is a source of whole food that provides necessary vitamins and fibers.
  • Khand provides a lot of energy that helps in maintaining the body stamina.
  • It brings the electrolytes in the body to equilibrium and is also an instant source of muscle repair.
Pack: 500gm
100% Authentic Desi Organic
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Khand processed from Sugarcane crystals. Desi khand is good for health as it not being processed with sulphur. Unlike Sugar, Khand is not processed through bleaching process which takes away the natural minerals and often leaves harmful chemicals.


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