At Organic Diet, we ensure that authentic organic products are made and delivered to our valuable customers. We do so by connecting with the marginal farmers across India and make products after procuring raw material from its origin so that the products is of right quality without any sort of adulteration.

Organic Diet is a manufacturer & exporter of organic products like Pulses, Spices, Herbs, Salt & Sugar, Edible Oils, Tea & Coffee, Superfoods and other range of organic food products. With the abundance of goods that provides you with an organic substitute for all your food requirements, Organic Diet is striding ahead to improve the quality of life by growing the variety of natural food.

We always focus on the nature of the products and consumer satisfaction. We are equipped with excellent quality control and a quality analysis team. Each and every product is examined by our team.


Our vision is to establish a healthier network with satisfied consumers and to ensure that we provide authentic organic products to our valuable customers globally. A decade and more lately, our intent is to improve the food habits to be healthier and choose organic options that will remain constant.


To ensure that our products meet the global quality standards which are stringent and adhere to the quality that is safe for human consumption. We will make sure to abide by the guidelines and data provided to ensure the growth of a healthy environment for our farmers, employees & consumers leading to an all-around healthy living approach and respect and devotion to Mother Nature.

Who We Are

Organic Diet is an organization that specializes in manufacturing and exporting in a variety of products like Millets, Pulses, Spices, Herbs, Salt & Sugar, Edible Oils, Tea & Coffee, Superfoods, nutraceutical products and other range of organic products. The organic products given by us are suitable for your health, additionally they are known for Organic, Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free. Our organic products are completely chemical free, rich in nutrition & sustainable in nature. Over the years we have taken all the required certifications and registrations from the concerned authorities.

Our Mission

To be the leading brand of Organic Diet globally. To give back to the environment and improve the path of sustainability. We aim to raise consumer awareness about the benefits of organic products by offering healthy eating options. Focus on high quality, high production efficiency, wide distribution, and healthy growth. We aspire to inspire a significant shift towards organic products just like it used to be in ancient times when our diet was naturally free from pesticides and chemicals. We Innovate to deliver products that prioritise health benefits.

How We Work

We deliver what we promise–all our products are examined under the highest standards of quality control before shipment. We follow best practices when it comes to manufacturing , promoting, and deliver organic products across the world. Our research and development team comprises specialist who continuously update us on the latest industry trends and assist us in providing to the unique needs of our consumers. We are based in Haryana, India, living in this location enables us to stay close with the farmers & communicate our requirements to them.

Our Products

Highest Quality

Traditional Method

Our oils are extracted from seeds using Wooden Ghani.

100% Natural

Chemical Free, Pesticides Free, No Additive.

Curated Products

Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

Supporting Marginal Farmers

Working with marginal farmers across the India.

Recyclable Packaging

We are using recyclable packaging to save our mother earth.


Our products are produced without harming or killing an animal.